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Assured compliance in Japan and South Africa

Japan and South Africa are compliance pioneers in their respective regions. Trade Tech was one of the first companies to be approved for Japan AFR filing in 2014 and South African RCG filing in 2018. With our Asia HQ in Japan since 2005, we were and remain a market leader.
Recognised for our expertise in compliance and data standards, Trade Tech is a leading industry solution for Japan and South Africa 24 hour rule compliance.
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How to take control with Trade Security

Any forwarder should control security filing. Get it wrong and your customer is exposed to delays and penalties. Outsource filing to carriers or partners and you pay way too much yet still can’t control the service!
You can’t get control of filing and costs because it’s complex and time consuming to register with Customs jurisdictions. That’s where Trade Tech comes in. We’ve been registering customers for 20 years. We know this. We can help. We make cargofiling easy.
Open the door to savings of up to 90% on carrier/partner filing charges. Turn filing from pain to profit and secure your customer’s journey as well with Trade Security

Helpful filing information

Japan (AFR)

  • Japan mandated their Advance Filing Rules (AFR) in 2014.
  • In order to submit an AFR e-manifest, forwarders must be registered with the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System Center (NACCS) and receive a NACCS Code ( Reporter ID) to be included in the filing. No bond is required.
  • The filing must be submitted 24 hours prior to vessel departure. Amendments are not permitted in transit unless with approval so must be right first time.
  • The vessel name must be the arriving vessel in Japan and not the vessel departing from origin.
  • If the filing is not made, the cargo cannot ship. If the cargo does somehow ship and the filing is not made/ data incorrect, the fine is 500,000 JPY or 1 year in prison.
  • Shipper name, address, phone number, country code.
  • Consignee name, address, phone number, country code.
  • Notify party name, address, phone number, country code.
  • Description of goods.
  • Harmonized System Code (HTS) 6 digits.
  • Number of packages.
  • Total Gross Weight.
  • Volume.
  • Marks and numbers of cargo
  • Carrier code.
  • Vessel code (call sign).
  • Port of Loading
  • Voyage number
  • Estimated date and time of departure from Port of Loading.
  • Port of Origin.
  • Port of Discharge.
  • Estimated date of arrival at Port of Discharge.
  • Place of Delivery.
  • Master Bill of Lading Number.
  • House Bill of Lading Number.
  • Container Number.
  • Seal Number.
  • Whether each container is full or empty.
  • Container Size.
  • Container Type Code.
  • Container Ownership Code.
  • IMDG Class Number –container level.
  • UN Dangerous Goods ID (UNDG) – container level.
  • On carriage information for transshipment cargo.

South Africa (RCG)

  • South Africa mandated their Reporting on the Conveyances of Goods (RCG) rules in 2018 under SARS, the South African Revenue Service.
  • To submit RCG filings, forwarders must apply to SARS and receive a Customs Code, an Authorisation Code and an EDI Code. The application process is complex and only South African agents can be registered. Once registered, they can authorize overseas forwarders to file under their name.
  • House level data must be filed 24 hours prior to vessel departure. Filing is required both for cargo discharging in SA as well as transshipment cargo. Data requirements are more detailed than for other jurisdictions.
  • Cargo will not be unloaded from the vessel unless the filing is complete and accurate.
  • Penalties for non-compliance are issued electronically and automatically.
  • Shipper name, address & country.
  • Consignee name, address & country.
  • Carrier code (SARS code of party filing the MBL).
  • Master Bill of Lading Number.
  • Export Reference Number (UCR #).
  • FF code (SARS code of party filing the Master HBL and lower HBL).
  • House Bill of Lading Number & type.
  • Master Hbl Number (if co-loader).
  • Commodity Description.
  • Harmonized System Code (HTS 6 digits).
  • Marks and Numbers.
  • Vehicle identification number (if cargo is vehicle).
  • Number of packages and unit.
  • Gross Weight (Kgs).
  • Volume (Cbm).
  • Container Number and size.
  • Seal Number.
  • Vessel name.
  • Vessel Call Sign.
  • Vessel Flag.
  • Voyage Number.
  • Port of Loading.
  • Estimated date of departure.
  • Cargo Loading on vessel date (Export – Master HBL – type of filing).
  • Master Transport Document Date.
  • Port of Discharge + Terminal code.
  • Estimated date of arrival.
  • Place of delivery + warehouse code (Inland transit type of filing).

Make no mistake. Only Trade Security offers you Total Control of the Customer Journey

Total control of compliance services

  • Fully integrated to Japan and South African Customs
  • Market leader recognised for compliance and regulatory excellence

Take control of your filing services and cost

  • Seamless Customs Registration service
  • Multiple data entry options – TMS integration or manual keying
  • Global key market coverage
  • ONE platform worldwide for you and your partners
  • ONE platform for all partner filings with distributed invoicing
  • ONE filing transaction cost worldwide – no more hidden ameta costs

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Choose Trade Tech for innovative, excellent, and reliable compliance and logistics solutions, crafted by logisticians for logisticians. Embark on a transformative journey where innovation, collaboration, and efficiency converge to create a brighter future for your compliance operations.

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Why choose Syrinx Trade Security, powered by Trade Tech?

Choose Trade Tech for innovative, excellent, and reliable compliance and logistics solutions, crafted by logisticians for logisticians. Embark on a transformative journey where innovation, collaboration, and efficiency converge to create a brighter future for your compliance operations.

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