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ICS2 Boosts EU Border Security with Advance Cargo Information

ICS2-ENS requires a complete set of Entry Summary Declaration data on goods into, or out of, the EU border. The import declaration is called the ENS. The export declaration is called the EXS. Cargo owners and Freight Forwarders/NVOCCs will be able to file through the Trade Tech system. Trade Tech has developed electronic connections to EU Customs systems.
Failure to file ICS2-ENS will lead to actions by Customs Authorities to enforce compliance prior to and on arrival and freight will be stopped at the EU borders and the goods in question will not be cleared by Customs Authorities.
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Trade Tech – the insider advantage

As one of the world’s leading security compliance companies, Trade Tech’s European experts have been consulting with EU officials for over 2 years. Nobody knows ICS2-ENS like we do.
In December 2023, Trade Tech was the first company to release the news that ICS2-ENS implementation had been delayed. Way before the EU made the announcement!
The EU’s data standard and connectivity protocols are extremely complex. Few companies have the technical expertise and experience to manage such data integration across the 27 EU countries + Norway, Switzerland and Northern Ireland. At Trade Tech, we’re already fully tested and ready to go. Trade Tech happily licenses its technology to 3rd party providers. You may already be using Trade Tech today and just don’t know it. But this time…you can’t afford to wait. Don’t be caught off guard. Register now with Trade Tech directly.

Trade Tech ENS-ICS2 April 17 Webinar

ICS2-ENS essentials

ICS2-ENS: Key ENS facts you must know

  • Forwarders have to file their issued HBL directly with the EU Customs Authority in the country where the goods are cleared.
  • Shipments entering the EU as well as transiting the EU to Switzerland, Norway or Northern Ireland, as well as shipments transshipping in the EU to North and South America ( or any other destination), must be filed.
  • Forwarders must have their own EORI number by June 1 ( Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number).
  • Ocean house bill filing will start from December 4, 2024, affecting NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders issuing their own HBL.
  • Filing must be completed 24 hours prior to vessel departure.
  • If you are not registered and you are not ready to file your Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) in a timely and accurate way by the deadline, you will be unable to ship.

ICS2-ENS: Key ENS filing data you must provide

  • Real shipper and consignee names.
  • A complete detailed commercial description of each item in the shipment.
  • The Harmonized System (HS) 6-digit commodity code for every item, providing a clear classification as per international trade standards. Additional details of all parties involved in the transaction. This includes the seller, buyer, actual shipper (consignor) and actual consignee of the goods.
  • The shipment information includes the routes, dates, ocean carrier and vessel information, container and seal numbers.
  • The EORI number for all of these parties. The EORI number is a unique identifier required for businesses and individuals involved in trading with the EU.

Make no mistake. Only Trade Security offers you Total Control of the Customer Journey

Total control of compliance services

  • Fully integrated for ICS2-ENS with all 27 EU Customs Authorities.
  • Acknowledged as the leading solution for ICS2-ENS compliance.

Take control of your filing services and cost

  • Seamless Customs Registration service
  • Multiple data entry options – TMS integration or manual keying
  • Global key market coverage
  • ONE platform worldwide for you and your partners
  • ONE platform for all partner filings with distributed invoicing
  • ONE filing transaction cost worldwide – no more hidden ameta costs

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Trade Tech: Your trusted partner for ICS2

We’re ready for ICS2-ENS and we know what to do.
First, if you don’t already have an EORI number, then we will help you get one. Don’t delay – you should have your EORI number by June 1 as per the EU guidelines. Just click the “Get my EORI” button below and register your details.
Next, request an ICS2-ENS audit. One of our sales reps in Asia, the Americas or Europe will be in touch. We’ll take you through what you need to do step by step, check that your current systems are compliant and, if not, set you up on the Trade Security platform for no charge.
OR, just sign up for an account now. Remember we also manage filings for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Africa. Our process driven systems validate the accuracy and timeliness of your filings at every stage. As an existing Trade Security customer you’re in pole position to clear all ICS2-ENS hurdles. Oh…and don’t forget…your first 100 filings are totally free ( subject to account approval and set up charges). We’re that confident you’ll stay with us. We’re the best at what we do. Trust us for compliance expertise.

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Why choose Syrinx Trade Security, powered by Trade Tech?

Choose Trade Tech for innovative, excellent, and reliable compliance and logistics solutions, crafted by logisticians for logisticians. Embark on a transformative journey where innovation, collaboration, and efficiency converge to create a brighter future for your compliance operations.

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