Seattle, WA, June 10, 2024 – Trade Tech, an industry-leading global logistics platform, has launched a new website, The website is designed to help businesses navigate complex Customs regulations, particularly the upcoming ICS2-ENS filing deadline on December 1st, 2024.  ICS2 compliance is required for the safe and secure movement of goods into and throughout Europe. 

Trade Tech recently conducted a survey that underscored a general lack of preparedness to meet the ICS2-ENS December 1st filing deadlines even though most expect the new regulation to impact their business. 

  • Of the approximately two-thirds of the respondents who were aware of ICS2-ENS and expect this regulation to become a requirement, 75% expect it to impact their business 
  • 71% say they are not prepared to meet the December 1st deadline  
  • Only 30% were on schedule to register their EORI number by June 1. 

According to Trade Tech, with 25-plus years of Customs and trade security expertise, it is not unusual for the industry to understand that they need to get ready for upcoming regulatory deadlines yet still avoid the process of doing so. Bryn Heimbeck, Trade Tech President and Co-Founder, points to the complexity surrounding Customs regulations and the consequences of doing it wrong, which includes halting the cargo and the potential for significant fines or even jail time. With ICS2-ENS, the fact that the EU’s data standard and connectivity protocols are extremely complex elevates the risk of mistakes.  

“At Trade Tech, we recognize the challenges businesses face in confidently navigating Customs regulations, especially with the introduction of ICS2/ENS requirements. Cargo flow relies on getting everything right and that can be daunting, particularly if there is a new or updated requirement,” said Mr. Heimbeck. “ is our commitment to simplifying this process, providing businesses with the tools and resources needed to stay compliant so cargo keeps moving smoothly. Today, our main focus is getting the industry prepared for ICS2/ENS and we stand poised to help every step of the way.” 

Key features of include insights from Trade Tech’s seasoned experts who have been consulting with EU officials for over two years, offering unparalleled guidance on ICS2-ENS compliance, comprehensive resources including guides, FAQs, and updates on all Customs regulations, ensuring that businesses stay informed and proactive and an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed to streamline complex compliance processes. 

In addition to facilitating ICS2-ENS compliance, provides insight on Customs clearance, regulations and trade security impacting the industry. The site leverages Trade Tech’s Syrinx Trade Security solution, which offers seamless compliance with the global 24-hour rule requirements and FMC regulations on a single platform that is integrated with Customs, carriers and trading partners.  

“We are confident our Trade Security is the only solution that offers seamless and simple global compliance control. What’s more, it provides unmatched insight and expertise for navigating the ICS2-ENS filing processes,” said Mr. Heimbeck.  “With, we are building a go-to resource for everything related to Customs compliance and trade security. We recognize there is a real need to minimize complexity and offer viable solutions for staying in compliance and keeping cargo moving.”   

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