The go live for mandatory Ocean ICS2 filing has been postponed. The new go live dates are now scheduled for:

Ocean ISC2:

For Vessel Operators – June, 3, 2024
For House Bill Filers – December 4, 2024

ICS2 Security Filings will apply to forwarders, and not just carriers, for all cargo moving to and from the European Union. In addition, cargo transported entering or transiting (FROB) the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Northern Ireland must be covered by an ICS2 filing.

The Shift from ICS1 to ICS2 and Its Importance

ICS2 is a crucial advancement over ICS1 in the EU’s customs and security domain. It’s a revolutionary digital solution for the declaration and control of goods entering the EU. It is designed to offer improved data-driven customs security processes, which are paramount for protecting the EU’s internal market and citizens against potential security and safety threats. By implementing ICS2, the EU aims to strengthen customs controls and enhance the safety and security of international trade.

Why Choose Trade Tech for ICS2 Compliance

With Trade Tech, your ICS2 compliance is in capable and experienced hands. Our dynamic solution and domain expertise will enable a seamless transition to the new ICS2 requirements, ensuring that your business operations remain uninterrupted and compliant. Our team of professionals has proven expertise and a global reach to deliver the best ICS2 filing services tailored to your unique needs.

Furthermore, we leverage our extensive experience in handling similar compliance filings in various countries to help your business navigate the complex landscape of ICS2. We make it easy for you to submit accurate and timely filings, reducing the risk of costly errors or delays.

Trade Tech will keep you updated as the mandatory filing dates come closer.